EXTEND Exercise

  • Are you looking for a gentle exercise class?
  • Do you want to improve your fitness and mobility, increase your independence and meet like-minded people?
  • Why not try EXTEND?
  • It’s an excellent choice of affordable exercise for older people and disabled adults.

EXTEND Exercise classes continue to grow in popularity throughout the UK, particularly as people are now living longer and want to maintain a good level of personal fitness well into their later years. Our qualified EXTEND Exercise teachers are trained in a unique way to make exercise fun but at the same time safe, thereby EXTEND Exercise classes can assist in reducing the symptoms of age related conditions. 

Our teachers hold classes throughout the UK, in a number of settings such as community centres, NHS/PCT hospitals, nursing homes, private residential homes, sheltered housing accommodation, village halls, sports clubs, day centres etc.

EXTEND Exercise classes will always contain a section of seated exercise (you will be surprised at how much active exercise can be performed whilst sitting in a chair) and standing exercises will be offered as well so there is something for everyone. 

Regular weekly classes are a great way of making new friends and are mostly held during the day. The sessions typically last for one hour with an opportunity for tea/coffee and a chat during an interval or after class.

Whether you are recently retired or determined to improve your fitness level, EXTEND Exercise can help you to achieve this.

Contact Barbara Craven on 01274 630146 or email andrewcraven017@btinternet.com

Classes: Mondays. Weekly. 2.15pm-3.30pm