Yoga Pilates

With Yoga Pilates – Vinyasa Yoga you can expect:

  • Heal your spine.
  • Weight loss made simple.
  • Mindful sessions improving focus and performance.
  • Achieve a calmer, leaner, healthier body.
  • Natural stress relief.
  • Look younger with more vitality.
  • Increase your performance stay functional.
  • Positive mind and body image.
  • Ease chronic spinal pain.
  • Results based assessments and solutions.
  • Elimination of cravings.
  • Functional awareness.
  • Correct input for mind and body.
  • Guided alignment movement and strength for the spirit, mind and body

Weekly sessions

Please call to check availability. All sessions inclusive of the Holistic Mataip Method Academy – Intelligent Programming for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Accelerated Spinal Healing Boosting Brain Power, Cognitive Function, Mobility and Core Strength.

  • Tuesday 18:15-19:15: Yoga Pilates

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